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The Donut Castle started in 1969. In 1977 The Donut Castle was bought by JR Parsons, which he turned it in JR’s Donut Castle. When he first bought the castle it was only a retail donut shop. JR’s is still a donut shop, but also a full service bakery and cake shop. It is the only donut shop in town that still makes their donuts on site everyday. We have three delivery trucks that go out every night to deliver to local Schools, Churches, Hospitals, and other store around the Mid-Ohio Valley.

JR’s famous saying “Baked Fresh Daily” is what JR lives by. Everyday the employees start making each product over again so we can have the best for our customers. Each product is made from scratch and put together by JR’s old recipes. JR’s has kept the same product for thirty years, and does not plan on changing that. Everything is made the same way day in and day out.